Sunday, April 3, 2011

Learning starts when you ask question

The first step in learning is to ASK QUESTION. Ask about everything. Look around your room and think. How electricity turns on?how the fan spins? Who controls the traffic light? So, ask about everything. As Allah's khalifah and best creature, we want to know everything as much as we can. Each time you ask question, it means you are thinking. Whatever you look,listen,smell, etc, you must ask qs.

Second step: Look for the answers. Where? So many places – parents, (mum, why’s the sun hot? Why’s the moon white?) teachers, friends, siblings, books. Reading opens your mind.

But some people are afraid to ask questions. Why? Because they are afraid in making mistakes. This is a wrong attitude! There is nothing wrong in asking questions. When we ask question it means we are thinking and Islam encourages us to think!

So, let us get our mind thinking! Asks questions and try to find the answers!

Adapted from Azra's Khalifah segment,, sunday 6pm.

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